Creative “Encompassing” Internship


Application Requirements

  1. Completed Application

  2. Design Portfolio

  3. Currently enrolled in a graphic design, or comparable, program at an accredited university

  4. (1) Reference letter from current design professor

  5. In-person interview reviewing application, portfolio, experience, and expectations with Creative director or manager at Rainbow Sign and Design in Cedar City.


• Must be able to work a minimum of 20 hours each week during regular business hours. • Must be able to work a minimum of 4 consecutive hours in a day.

Foundational graphic design knowledge including, but not limited to: • Spacial layouts, grid system, composition
• Hierarchy/focal point, balance, negative space
• Appropriate use of colors, textures, & value
• Appropriate use of type and lettering styles • Scaling and measurements

Working knowledge of: • Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop • Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Acrobat
• Standard Office Applications (Word, Excel, email, web browsers, etc) • PC and Apple platforms



Internship Expectations

Interns will be evaluated throughout their internship during monthly check-ins with the Creative manager/director. An intern may be approved to advance to the next level by the manager/director. The level of responsibility and work will increase along with wage.

Level 1

Basic graphic design projects for Rainbow, as assigned:
• Printed/plotted vinyl
• Banners
• Yard signs

Level 2

Intermediate graphic design projects for Rainbow, as assigned: • Basic projects as outlined in Level 1
• Business cards/publications
• Photo edits
• Way-finding signage
Basic internal branding projects, as assigned: • Business cards
• Single-Item Publications (fliers, brochures) • Media Kit updates

Level 3

Graphic design for Rainbow, as assigned:
• Basic + Intermediate projects as outlined in Level 1 & 2 • Basic logo design
• Vehicle vinyl [no wraps]
• Decor elements for Rainbow retail design
• Exterior signage
Intermediate internal branding projects, as assigned: • Basic projects as outlined in Level 2
• Booklet Publications
• Social Media Content Creation/Curation
Basic - Intermediate Decorworx Type II projects, as assigned:
• “Essential” decor elements (aisle markers, locators, check lights) • Navigation/Center Store signage
• Level 2 Retail Design



Benefits & Perks

• Wage for work done during internship
• PUB print credits to be used during internship
• Portfolio Packet upon completion of internship
• Personal work space and equipment within the Creative function
• Invaluable work experience as part of a thriving local business
• 8-10 scheduled trainings throughout the internship to grow professional skills
• Admittance to company team member activities and Creative function events
• Networking for future employment opportunities