Frequently Asked Questions

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- When is payday?

Payday is every other Thursday. You can ask HR to find out which Thursday your check will start on.

- When does our work week start?

Our work week runs from Saturday at 12 am, to Friday at 11:59 pm.

- What if I forget to clock-in or out?

Your manager is set up to be able to adjust your time for you when you forget to clock in or out. Our time tracking system doesn’t allow us to create an open entry, so any changes will need to be made when you are not clocked in. If your manager is not available, Lalena in HR or Steve in Finance should be able to adjust your time.

- What is considered hours worked?

Anytime that you are on the errand of the company, is considered hours worked. For more specific information on what is considered hours worked, please consult the employee manual.
There are a couple of instances that is good to clarify, that we like to include here: the company has monthly activities, sometimes during lunch, and sometimes during our 15-minute break time. For those activities that occur during lunch, with lunch provided, this is not considered hours worked, and should be clocked out. For activities that happen during one of the daily 15-minute break times, and last no more than 15-20 minutes, are still considered hours worked, and the employee would stay clocked-in.
The company offers learning lunches, on occasion, where an employee or someone brought in by the company, teaches on a subject, often not directly work-related, more as personal development. During these times, the company offers lunch and an environment of learning. We encourage all our employees to take advantage of these learning opportunities and consider it hours worked so that the employee would stay clocked in during this time.
For questions contact your manager.

- Is there a dress code?

Each department has its dress board, and the company has examples of appropriate attire, found in the New Employee Welcome Packet. Some things to specify, though, is no tank tops, no shorts for office employees, shorts in the production area must be knee-length, and no open-toed shoes in the production area.

- Where should I park?

Employees should park on the north side of the facility, in the perimeter parking spots, avoiding the places directly in front of the entrance, unless there are no other spots available. It is suggested that the middle spots be avoided, as they are situated tight in connection with the perimeter spots unless you park over the dividing line.

- I saw you have a benefit of purchasing company goods at a discount, how does that work?

To see the official policy for this benefit, refer to our employee Handbook, under the employee benefits section. Once you understand the terms of the policy and have signed the agreement, you can begin to take advantage of this benefit.
Every employee order must go through the same process. They must begin at estimating for a quote and end at sales for payment. For temporary employees, payment must be made before the order can go into the system.

- What if I’m doing my project on my own time, and with my materials, or with materials that can’t be sold?

All orders must go through estimating first, to create a record of the work, whether it’s being done on the employee’s time, or they are using their material. This ensures that the benefit is being used according to company policy.

- What do I need to know before I do any traveling for the company?

First, make sure to make any arrangements at least 24 hours in advance, but notifying Steve in Finance as soon as you know you will be traveling will help ensure that everything is in place when ready to leave.
Employees that travel regularly need to set up an Expensify account, along with a rotating per Diem account. An Expensify is set up and done through Steve in Finance. Verify with your manager if this applies to you.
For employees that travel on occasion, Per Diem needs to be set up with Steve in Finance at least 24 hours in advance. Any other travel arrangements, such as flights, vehicle rentals, Company vehicle use, and other incidentals, need to be worked out two weeks in advance, either by the Install or Sales department member over travel arrangements.
All expenses outside of meals need to be tracked and submitted in an expense report. (those on Expensify submit their reports via this platform.) If you spend any personal money while traveling, please refer to “What if I purchase the company using my funds?” below. If the employee is going to drive a company vehicle, they need to make sure they are on the company auto insurance policy. Take your MVR to HR so that you are added to the auto policy, at least 24 business hours before departure.

- Where do I get office supplies?

Office supplies are found in the closet in the Publication room. If what you are looking for is not there, then all office supply orders must be submitted through Purchasing.

- How do I order supplies?

All supplies, whether office supplies or other supplies necessary to do your job, must be submitted for approval through your manger, who will then place it on the purchase request Smart Sheet

- What if I need to make a purchase for the company?

Sometimes we need to pick up supplies from a local vendor, or while traveling. The company has a few Home Depot credit cards that can be signed out for this purchase. Make sure to have the receipt emailed to Steve in accounting, with the job number associated with the purchase tagged with the purchase. For purchases other than home depot, that are less than $50, you can get petty cash from Steve in Finance. For purchases over $50, talk with Steve in Finance to work out how it will be financed.

- What if I make a purchase for the company using my personal funds?

If you are unable to use our home depot card, or petty cash to make your purchase, You must fill out a request for reimbursement form, submit to your supervisor for approval and the then submit to Finance for reimbursement.
What type of personal protective equipment (PPE) am I required to wear, and are there designated areas for PPE?
All employees are required to wear safety glasses when leaving the assembly/print area, and moving towards the route, weld and wood shop areas. There are loaner pairs of glasses at either entrance to this area, and must be worn, and then returned when leaving the area. Or you can purchase your own.
It is suggested that those that work in the fabrication portion of the manufacturing facility wear steal toed shoes to avoid injury to the toe. If you opt to wear steel toed shoes, the company has a $30 contribution towards the purchase of the shoe. Please talk with Kyle our Safety Committee Chair, for more info on this benefit.

- Do we have paid holidays?

The company has 7 paid holidays over the course of each year: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, and Christmas Day. These are paid days off available to employees that have worked for the company for 90 days. The company does have time when they shut down between

- What is the difference between Rainbow Sign and Decorworx?

Rainbow Sign is our local presence. It is how we started out in the community and how the local community recognizes us.
Decorworx is our national grocery retail division that started out because we had a good stronghold in the community and were able to branch out.
To hold credibility in the retail decor market, it was necessary to work under a name other than Rainbow Sign, which was less likely to invoke trust in our retail decor abilities.
Because Rainbow Sign is so well known in the community, it didn’t make sense to change it to the name we use for our national retail division. So we continue to work under both names, Rainbow Sign and Design, Inc. as our parent company, and legal name, and Decorworx as our retail decor company.

- How does St. George fit into everything?

Rainbow Sign and Banner, based out of St George, UT, is where it all began. Jeff Dansie was given the opportunity to purchase the Cedar City area portion of the business, and we continue to work with our “sister” company based out of St George, who provides electric signage options for our customers. But that is where our connection ends. We are two separate companies, not connected financially in any way, other than to share commissions on items we sell for the other in out areas.
We have a great relationship with Rainbow Sign and Banner in St. George and work with them, and they with us, especially as they provide us with the electrical signage our customers need, that we are not set up to provide for them.

- I keep hearing about a company shut-down, what is this?

Each year, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the company shuts down. These are 4 unpaid days off, where vacation nor sick time can be used.
There are instances when there is a lot of work that must be produced, and in these instances certain departments are given permission to work some or all of these 4 days, and are paid for their work. Salaried employees are considered hourly during this period of time.
If this break creates a particular hardship, please talk with your manager.
Most employees appreciate the free time to take with their family during the holidays without worry of not meeting obligations.