What is Retail Decor?

We create & elevate customer experience through retail décor. It’s not enough for us to give your store a subtle look or simply put letters on the wall. We get results, and it matters to us. We started helping grocery stores elevate their image over 20 years ago, and today we are changing the way people feel as they shop. Join us on our journey to make grocery shopping the personal experience it should be. (Jeff and shelly Dansie, Co-owners)


Our Products + Services

Creative Services

We seek companies with ambitious goals and challenge them to answer the tough questions so we can help them develop their signature style. W discover their image by understanding their ethos. We deliver a style guide that directs their visual messaging and keeps it consistent.

Interior Retail Decor Design
The design is transformative. Long gone is the world of white floors, stripes, and letters. Sterile, lifeless shopping means plummeting sales. If our customers want to survive, we encourage them to be the disrupter and not drown in sameness. The grocery industry is remarkably niche, and every brand deserves to have its story told well.

We begin our process by capturing the spirit of our customer’s brand. We ask questions and do much talking about their store, to ensure that their décor is brilliant and right. We also achieve success by going to our customer, no matter where they are. It’s what makes us great. It’s important to us and one reason why we get it right.

Engineering Capabilities

From design to manufacturing, we can bring your plans to life. We like to push the envelope, and our engineers always find a way to create what our designers create via imagery physically.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We thrive in a world of tinkering, testing and problem-solving. We have built our brand on quality, and we choose to work with customers who expect it. We are the kind of team who could probably write poetry about the hum of routers and printers. We print, plane, carve, bend, paint, and weld.

  • Print Shop

  • Fabrication Shop

  • Weld

  • Paint

  • On-site Installation