Perks & Benefits


Life Long Learning

We understand that we are always learning, and we work to foster an environment of learning, whether with a library of books on business, personal improvement, and your field of work, or opportunities to participate in trade-shows, conferences or a consortium. When an employee shows they can learn something that will help them bring more success for the company, we are interested in finding a way to make that happen.


Life happens, we get that. We work to create an environment that allows you to deal with those unplanned circumstances we all have. You’ve been up with your sick child all night? Stay home and take care of your daughter, without worry of incurring the wrath of your department manager. You have a friend in town and can meet with you for lunch at 2? No strict lunch schedule here. As long as you have your work covered, make that appointment to meet with your friend. We know that events happen during the day and we try to work around that, as long as you do your part to make sure your considerate to your coworkers and are conscious of deadlines to be met.

We also try to work with those that find they may need to work outside of our standard 8am to 5pm work day. If you find this to be the case, make an appointment with your

manger to discuss your needs and to work
out a solution. Each department has different needs and expectations, so the solution for your department may be different than the solution for another department. However, we try to work with our employees, whenever the situation allows, and the work won’t suffer for it.

Fun Environment

We know we have a job to do, and we take that very seriously. But we know that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while were doing it. So, we try to make sure to have formal opportunities to have fun, like monthly company activities, and informal opportunities of levity, like a

joke said in passing, the sound of laughter drifting through the air. We’ve found that if we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we can be more successful, both individually, and as a company.

Modern Building

With the revival of a beloved historical building, and the addition of a new craftsman building, our new headquarters creates a home where modern aesthetics and rustic romance are one. With inside-outside collaboration spaces, dramatic historical architecture and cutting-edge technologies, our new location will both challenge and soothe the imagination.


In addition to the facility itself, is the location. We will be situated right in the middle of town, with grocery and eating establishments, one of the city parks, and the University, all within walking distance. Of course, your idea of walking distance and ours may be a bit different, so in our next phase we hope to have bike racks and loaner bikes available for your use. For those areas just outside of walking distance it’s a quick jaunt over in

your vehicle.
Not only is our new building going to
be located in a convenient part of town, our geographic location has it’s perks as well! We are in close proximity to several national parks, State parks and other sources of outdoor recreation. We have a slow pace, only a few traffic lights, yet we have award winning theater, the Southern Utah Museum of Art, and other resources made possible by having a university in the city. We are 2.5 hours from Las Vegas, and 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City, if you are in the mood for some metropolitan offerings. We feel we have the best of
both worlds, with the benefit of a peaceful low-key environment as our main residence, able to slip away to the big city without too much effort. As you can see, we love where we live.

The People

I don’t know how we do it, but somehow, we employ some of the best people around, making working with the people here the one of the most commented things employees like about being at Rainbow Sign and Design, Inc. We

have a variety of people with varied backgrounds, and different interests
and we find that we enjoy each other’s company quite a bit. That makes it nice when you find that so much of your day is spent with the people you work

Team Benefits

Health Coverage

As a member of our workplace, we realize your health impacts more than just you. We offer coverage to help you stay at your best including health and dental plans, as well as supplemental coverage.

Health Coverage

The company offers one traditional health plan and 2 high deductible, HSA qualified, health plans. The company contributes a little over $200 per month to the monthly premium. Currently, this covers on average 55% of the employee only policy, depending on the plan that is chosen.

The employee covers the addition of a spouse, children, or both. The percentage has changed each year, as rates have continued to increase since we first started offering coverage, back in 2010.

Dental Coverage

The company offers a traditional dental plan, but doesn’t contribute anything to the premium. The employee covers all of the cost of the premium. We have been locked into the same price for a few years, ranging from 17.75 / pay period for employee only coverage, to 56.79 / pay period for family coverage.

Vision Coverage

the company now offers a vision plan to supplement our Health and Dental plans. it ranges from 3.34/pay period for employee only coverage to 8.69/pay period for family coverage

Employees are eligible for health, dental and vision coverage the first day of the month following 60 days worked.

Supplemental Coverage

The company offers supplemental coverage, where cash benefits are paid when those on the policy are sick or hurt to help with expenses that may not be covered by health insurance, including living expenses. The premium costs for this coverage depends on the type of coverage you choose, as well as other factors.

Employees are eligible for supplemental coverage during open enrollment, which happens in December, effective January 1st.

Retirement Planning

We don’t just want your success now,
we invest in your success for the future. We are happy to offer 401K retirement planning for full-time team members, and we’ll match 100% of what you contribute, up to 3% of your pay, plus 50% of what you contribute, up to the next 2% of your pay. Employees are eligible for our 401K
the January or July after a full calendar year of work with the company. Open enrollment then happens each year, for an effective date of January 1st.

Team Member Discounts

We offer discounts to team members on all materials, and many of the products we make, because that’s just how it should be. Employees must sign the Discount Agreement to be eligible for the benefit.

Time Off

Each of our full-time positions accrue

vacation days to spend quality time with family and friends, to take a break and regroup, and to cover those spontaneous long weekends.

We ask that time off requests be
given with as much notice as possible, preferably 2 weeks, although we understand things come up and try to work with you when we can. Requests are submitted through our online employee portal, (You can find the link in the employee portal on the website) Once your request is submitted, your manager will either approve or deny your request. You will receive an email notifying you
of the decision.
Employees begin to have access to paid vacation and sick time off after the first 90 days of their employment.

Paid Holidays

Each of our full-time positions are eligible for holiday pay on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Day after, and Christmas Day.
Employees have access to Paid Holidays after the first 90 days of
their employment.