Vision, Tracking, organizer

The V/TO


 The VTO is how we communicate our company’s vision. Simply put it defines who we are, where we are going and how we will get there. The VTO helps the leadership team get their vision out of their heads and down on paper so it can be shared with the whole company. Once everyone through the organization shares the same vision, they can row in the same direction. 


Core Values


Core Focus

Purpose / Cause / Passion:

Create & Elevate

Our Niche: 

Elevate the image of small to mid size organizations. 



Marketing strategy-

1 Year Strategy

Future Date: 12-31-2018
Revenue: $7 Million
What does it look like?
2 New Harmons like clients
Directors & Managers operating
90 Day Forecasting
Core Processes defined documented, trained and followed by all. 
EOS fully implemented, all tools being used.

3 Year Strategy

Future Date: 12-31-2020
Revenue: $10 Million
Measurable’s: 75% Team Member retention, 
What does it look like?
Accurate 90 day forecast
Fully Paperless 
An additional 5 Harmons like accounts
Well oiled EOS Machine
Waitlist of team members and customers
Preferred vendor with all major warehouses
Right People Right Seat 90%
Best Brand in Cedar City
Listed as Best Place to Work in Utah
Nationally Recognized

10 Year Strategy

Future Date: 2028
Revenue: $20 Million / 20% Profitability 
Top 25 on Glassdoor
Be featured in a top nation magazine